The Face of the Future

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have espied the visage of my progeny!

We went for the Big Ultrasound today.  Due to a hypercompentent ultrasound technician and a very quiescent wiggler, it took half the time we were told to allow for the procedure.  I was wryly amused that the tech gamely tried to infer my last name from one of my partner’s last names; after being gently corrected, he paused a beat and then said “well, we’re really glad you’re here!”

The sprout-to-be has BONES.  So many bones!  I counted the statistically normal number of limbs and digits humans tend to come with, and got glimpses of the face, and we heard the heartbeat again.

DUDE.  I’m gonna be a dad.  This is so cool.


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